Friday, June 26, 2009

time to buy some new tires

I was dissapointed to find out that the tire site Ive been using for the past 2 years upped their pricing (by $20 on the tire I used to buy from them). So I went looking...

Things to think about while you are looking around is: installation price, taxes, shipping, free rotation?, and more.
$50 ($131 total)($32 shipping for 2) Federal Triangle TR918 205/55ZR16
$56 ($144 total)($22 shipping for 2) BFGoodrich Traction T/A T 205/55R16
$74 (free shipping) 205/55HR16 NEXEN N5000/89H/BSW

I then called my trusted local shop to get a quote.
They only had the NEXEN N5000 for $79(99 installed).

Once you find the cheapest tire you want, do a search on that tire brand and model (ex: Federal Triangle TR918). I clicked on images in Google, then looked at the sites with images, and checked the prices quickly on those sites. I actually found a tire I liked better for just a little more money.
$54 ($33 shipping for 2) Federal Triangle TR968 215/50 R17 91V

So I went from: $60 Hankook k106 205/55R-16 to a $70 Federal Triangle TR968 215/50 R17 91V (including shipping)

>> FYI - nice tire review site