Wednesday, April 04, 2007

IPTV... on the up and up

General questions:
-Is anyone pushing HD content via internet (at an acceptable quality/cost)?
-What are the costs and limitation of the various providers (equipment costs/service cost)?
-How portable and/or shareable is the product?
-Tivo, bookmarking capability? Searchable content?
-What are the Media/Channel packages?

Why Is Most Broadband Content Still Encoded At 300Kbps or below? -032707
End to End Encoding, Delivery and Set Top Box - no PC required IPTV - 700Kbps NTSC(640x480) -
The $7 TV Network: Neokast brings multicasting to the masses. -031507
And dont forget the guys that did SKYPE, are now doing this:
torrent site tv aggregator
Microsoft IPTV

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