Thursday, February 15, 2007

W says be prepared?!?

Correct me if Im wrong but, If George Bush says that we are much safer now, why am I now seeing ads about being prepared for something that sounds like a terrorist attack? If he didnt piss off those people even more...
From the office of Homeland Security (what a bunch of worthless...)


Anonymous said...

This is about ideaology, not presidents. Don't forget, the first world trade center bombing was on Clinton's watch. These nut-jobs want to kill us and take the world back to the dark ages. I like the world in the 21st century thank you very much. Women can vote, freedom of religion... all that good stuff.

the infidel

don_mecca said...

What is about ideaology? Im not followin ya.
And Im not talkin responsibility for an attack. What I am talking about is what was done afterwards - or in theory - because of it. And what BUSH and his cronies have done, the reasons they gave, where we are at, all the lives lost, the removal of our rights in the name of security, and more - I REALLY disagree with.
My frustration is directly with the current president, his administration, and what we stand for - as a nation. Specifically that he claims that we are much safer because of him or what he has done - when the truth is exactly the opposite! And then he is using our taxpayer dollars to tell us to be prepared. WTF?!?
Dave, whats your take on this?
I still have love for tha G.