Saturday, October 01, 2005

TOYOTA - Prius

Toyota Prius
2003 - 71k - $17k
2003 - 43k - $18k
2002 - 98k - $15k
2002 - 43k - $15k
2002 - 35k - $18k
2002 - 23k - $18k
2001 - 71k - $16k
2001 -135k- $10k

Honda Civic Hybrid
2004 - 19k - $22k
2004 - 33k - $21k
2003 - 28k - $20k
2003 - 40k - $17k
2003 - 50k - $16k
2003 - 57k - $20k
2003 - 65k - $17k
2003 - 75k - $15k

-No documentation on battery life estimate!
-The warranty on the main battery is 8years or 100k miles
-According to my dealership, it costs $6k to replace
-Factory warranty on the car is 8years or 100k miles

-What are the lemon laws in SC?
-Call to make sure that you get the $2k tax writeoff (that the dealer aint keepin it)
Tax deduction is for all models of Prius (all hybrids)

The 2004 was totally redesigned in response to consumer feedback and as a result of Toyota research.

2001 Toyota Prius - $10,995 - 1-888-827-1976 - David Moore - open from 9am-6pm〈=en&isp=y&start_year=1981&certified=&search_type=both&distance=300&make=TOYOTA&min_price=100&sponsorModel=&address=30047&advanced=&end_year=2006&max_price=18000&compare=181497819&compare=190650997&compare=181713486
-2 owner car, check engine light was on (dunno what that was), back bumper scratches

2003 Toyota Prius Sedan - $13,995 - 770-442-8777;dealer_id=55707139&car_year=2003&search_type=both&make=TOYOTA&distance=300&model=PRIUS&sponsorModel=&address=30047&certified=&advanced=&max_price=18000&bkms=1129338584935&min_price=100&end_year=2006&start_year=1981&isp=y 〈=en&cardist=20

Toyota Prius Battery Problems
I called Toyota. "Joel" informed me that if we did not charge the battery as per the owner's manual every two weeks as required by the manual and any problem developed, that would be deemed negligence on our part and the warranty would be voided. Frankly, I consider this to be fraud. We were never given a single item to read, there is nothing in the advertising and no salesman disclosed, etc., any information at all relating to the necessity to have the battery on the car charged for at least 1/2 hour every two weeks or the warranty would be voided.

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