Thursday, September 29, 2005

HydrogenFuelCell / Biodiesel

Hydrogen Fuel System Kit converts your existing vehicle to run on Hydrogen.

Running a Gasoline Engine on Hydrogen Using Water

Hydrogen Generator working prototype

Honda Delivers FCX Fuel Cell Vehicle to World's First Individual Customer

Prototype: ENV Hydrogen Fuelcell Motorbike

The New Prize: Alternative Fuels

Rob Del Bueno
Retail Biodiesel Filling Point now available in Cabbagetown, Atlanta!
You can now buy biodiesel for your car or truck right here in downtown Atlanta. We currently have very erratic operating hours, but we can setup an appointment for your filling. Please call Robert Del Bueno, at (404)219-9709 for an appointment or more details

Kris Smith is one of the founders of this company:

Turbo Direct Injection Diesel)

From the Fry Daddy to your Car (2004)

FIND YOUR OWN GREASEL! m=500&priceto=2000&fuel=Diesel&submit=Search+%bb

Development Yields Antifreeze from Biodiesel

check out the biodiesel t-shirts

American Council on Renewable Energy

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Hydrogen Fuel Cell