Thursday, May 12, 2005


Ideas for the Google personal page:
-use google suggest rather than regular google
-5 day weather forcast, day and night forcasts, hourly forcast, current doppler radar image
-phases of the moon
-calendar option - day, week, month, year
-RSS feeds
-music/radio/podcast/tv feed
-display a couple of pages from a book you want to read (over time, you read the whole book)
-display security status: any ports scanned? DOS attack? last virus scan, virus warnings

Font recognition web app - 050405

Ideally the program would let you upload 1 character of the font you are looking for (image would be a jpg or gif). If the program is having trouble recognizing the font - it could request other characters via email to the questionee. It could even do other language fonts. My friend Alex Jartos recently passed this URL my way:

Web article followup link - 022005
All i ask is a followup of an article I just read. Will that happen? How will I know? A link to click to recieve the followup via email would be ideal. It would probably increase readership. They publishers could see what articles are more popular to the people. Could this be done via RSS?

HD jumpbacks for sale - 030205
The media industry is moving to HD. They will need HD jumpbacks. They are easy to create.
Make a couple of HD jumpbacks for sale & free on rarevision or itaki website?

Digital Presence - 102204
A small "presence" device that could let others know
your location/distance. It could work off your cell phone? This
would be especially handy in mining, and other related jobs. The user
would ideally be paged by the person looking for them. With the press
of 1 button they could give permission for the "seeker" to get their
location. This could be an option for the user that can be set to
automatically provide info. You could also block certain seekers if
desired. There could be other mini-devices in specific locations to
let the cell phones know where they are at. Example: Ken Boyles
office @ Convergent/Alpharetta GA 770-369-9000.
-121504 - RFID on luggage, A/V recording of college classes &
subscription or per class cost download

All in 1 media device - 090204
Everyone is looking for the all-in-one device, or something close to it. How about the concept of having your PMP (personal media player) act as your alarm clock, waking you with news (which is read in whatever computer voice you prefer or video snippets) from a range RSSfeeds that you have selected, emails or phonecalls that you recieved overnight (you can even voice reply to them), latest music from your favorite bands (selected group) and or their latest videos too. You can go into the kitchen to have breakfast and it can connect (via bluetooth) to your home theater or stereo system (to continue while you have breakfast). You then take that to your car where you can continue the experience (the PMP connects to the speaker equipment in your auto via bluetooth), then to your office. It could hold a digital key to "badge" you in. The PMP would replace your cellphone and your wallet? and would have webcam abilities.

Immaculate Collection - 081304
Collect all content for an artist/musician and create a box set DVD of all the content. The DVDs could be sold on a website, and all profit could be reported and given to the artist featured. Printing and production costs would be taken out of the purchase first. Kinda like a criterion collection.
-any and all interviews with dates, interviewer, alliliate,
-misc appearance recordings
-graphic timeline of writing, recording, music release, tour or performance dates, etc
-all tabloid material and possible response/research
-photos in chrono order, dates, photographer, location, clothing, etc
-desktop pix
-greeting card template

Details of roadways, traffic and more - 072104
Transportation vehicles should communicate more. Communicate direction, speed, movements, travel time, and other data. Data shared would indicate to the driver if there is traffic, an accident, or inclimate weather. Any vehicle could communicate this to others, as well as people on the web could view. This would also aid police by providing them more data around an accident. The data could also be used to help fine tune driving simulations or Cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, trains, etc.

Bringing people closer together VIDEOPHONE - 022704
Imagine being a business that offers to install these at assisted living homes, child day care, schools, businesses, etc:
*Broadband cable connection needed.
Product Features:
•Turns Any TV into a Broadband Videophone
•No PC is required to use i2eye™
•Up to 30 frames per second for smooth video
•Up to 22Mbps
Whatchout VONAGE!

To build a better doghouse - 020404
Ideally, it would have its own food & water reserves built in. Temp sensitive attic fan to keep it cool in warm weather. Flap on door to keep out the cold. Solar powered. Easily sold to rich folks.

Interactive Religion Family Tree - 020204
Create a user editable Macromedia Flash interactive animation flowchart of the family tree of religions. It would include dates, and other information relating to the various religions -buddism, christianity, muslim, protestant, (versions of the bible,date, people, & reason)

Mega Media Server Service - 020104
Setup some sort of TIVO like device for shows and movies. We should offer it to our neighbors for free for the first 6 months, then $120 a year? That way we get them hooked. They would have to have it. They could even have a storage area. I could create a brochure for them (minimum system requirements) Get DVDs from NETFLIX & copy to HD for them to view? They could even add their own content as well.
093004 -

Ultra Natural/Organic Soap & Lotion products - 011904
Natural herb (like the line of sobe drinks) lotion and soap products. Like using caffiene/gurana/ginseng/aloe/vitamin e/etc on stomach, butt and face to tighten skin?
Never tested on animals - of course.

Math wiki website - 010604
Create a math algorithym website? Organized and detailed. Shows origin of the calulation, creator, history behind it, what it was originally developed for, 3-d examples/graphs, etc. Click a button and it is translated into almost any language. Click another button and all the info on the page is read to you. (subjects: algebra, calculus, physics, etc).

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